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There are as many adjectives used to describe Taj, as there are experts who love to explore it. From being the epitome of a man’s dedication to his love to the greatest symbol of love in the world and the love engraved in stone, Taj has perhaps attracted every adjective that could have been used to describe it. Now more than three centuries have passed and the Taj seen by millions of visitors every year continues to retain a romantic aura about it “so like a fabric of mist and sunbeams…. a silvery bubble… you almost doubt its reality. ” I would die tomorrow to have such another rover for me”, were the words used by a lady to describe her experience of Taj. Taj is still “the grand passion of an Emperor’s love,” as Edwin Arnold wrote, or as Tagore said of the Taj” one solitary tear… on the Cheek of time.” The subtle play of light on the white marble dome creates its own moods to which even the hardest cynic ultimately succumbs. Millions and millions of photographs taken fail to capture the quintessence of the Taj.

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